We Custom Engrave Pandora Charms.

Engraving can now be ordered online!

Engraving is a great way to make an item uniquely yours, or to make any gift extra-special. Just pick out your charm, pick your font and your color and you are on your way! (not all beads are engravable)

We recommend engraving on most Murano beads but we also offer hand engraving for some metal beads.

Pick your bead.

Murano beads are a great choice for engraving, as they add a lot of color and we can use different colors on the beads themselves.

Pick your font.

We offer two font choices: Block and Script

  • Upper & Lower Case Block LetteringBlock Sample
    Upper and Lower Case
  • Uppercase Block LetteringBlock Sample
    All Caps
  • Script LetteringScript Sample

The block font can be done in all caps or in upper and lower case. The script we suggest doing in upper and lower case and not in all caps.

Pick your color.

We offer many different colors for engraving. It shows best when you pick a color that will stand out from the color of the bead that we are engraving on. The color choices are shown below.

  •  Back
  •  Blue
  •  Purple
  •  Turquoise
  •  Green
  •  Yellow
  •  Orange
  •  Red
  •  Maroon
  •  Pink
  •  White

Engraving Options

Names and dates are always a good option for engraving as well as places you have visited or things that have special meaning to you or someone important to you. Commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations or any important moment


  • Up to 10 characters $30.00
  • Single image see crab as an example $40.00  
  • Two - sided engraving ( front and back ) $60.00 not including images  
  • Hand engraving for metal beads $40.00

Please call or email for pricing on engraving orders over 10 characters or multiple images.

Please add 10 business days to your delivery time for orders with engraving.

Engraving can now be ordered online!

Engravable Indication

All beads that can be engraved, will be marked with this graphic.

Of course, engraving can also be ordered in person at any of our store locations or by calling 1-800-638-3333

Sample Engraved Charms

Hand Engraved Samples



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